BBQ Rub, Rib Rub, Chicken Rub, Brisket Rub, Cat Fish Rub, Butt Rub - Just don't rub me the wrong way! Eureka Springs, Arkansas I have been making this rub for 22 years. Perfect for grilling, smoking, or whatever you call BBQing! Ozark Origin Cuisine. Ivan of the Ozarks free recipes for download to live high of the hog! Everbody likes my rub -- no exceptions! Spicy tailgate blend! Local Flavor

Razorback BBQ Rub is the perfect single stroke dry rub for your BBQ! Just rub the meat, cook & serve! Rub on chops & chicken for grilling. Rub on ribs, butts & brisket for perfectly smoked dry rubbed BBQ! Razorback BBQ Rub is proven and versatile! Pork Roll, soup, stew, chili ... sprinkle on a Bloody Mary ... don't be shy!